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“Folks began making biscotti during the Roman Empire, so on one hand what I’m doing is ancient. But on the other hand, I'm using flavors like prosciutto parmesan and apricot rosemary – making my biscotti nothing like the Roman Empire.”

The only thing more eclectic than Olive's line of intriguing biscotti flavors? Well, that would be her resume — she's had stints in social work and hairstyling, before settling on baker. And now, why she spends her days making one-of-a-kind biscotti that's inspired by the freshness of California's food culture. This means flavors like prosciutto parmesan and apricot rosemary with pistachio are a regular (and delicious) occurrence. The small-batch creations may not be your traditional biscotti – but Olive assures us that they'll still make an excellent companion to morning cups of coffee. show more

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