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Salacia Salts



Salty Soother


Savannah, Georgia

about Salacia Salts

"I like to challenge myself by using new ingredients in different ways. Most body care lines don't use natural, raw ingredients in their purest form. Experimenting in our test kitchen is always an adventure!"

The thought of owning her own bath salt company came to Cari in a dream – seriously, it did. And it was acting on her (literal) dreams that made Salacia Salts into what it is now. A company that has always operated around organic and locally sourced ingredients and recycled packaging, now churns out a whole lot more than merely bath salts. Her body wash, lotions, bar soaps, and scrubs are all about ultimate relaxation and superb skin health, and leaving the environment unscathed while they're at it. This means that your next good deed for the environment can be, well, relaxing. show more

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