Bag Craftsman
Downtown L.A.

“For us, the most interesting and unique process is how we hand-distress the leather in all of our products. It is a long process, involving many different phases, but it is what makes Sandast.”

Chris started Sandast in 2006 with a simple, elegant mission: to create a line of super fine, handcrafted bags… that have soul. Each of his stunning, I’ll-pass-it-on-to-my-grandkids pieces is set apart because the high-quality leather is naturally aged and distressed. It is a long, loving process that not everybody has the commitment (monetary or otherwise) to carry out . But the result is a bag that feels like it’s lived many, many lives—and will be around many more. When Chris makes this promise, he really means it: The pictures don’t do these bags justice—you’ve got to get them in your hot little hands to appreciate the craftsmanship. And here we were drooling already.

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