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“All of Satori Tea blends are proprietary and created by me. I use high quality leaf as my base and blend with only natural oils, herbs, spices and whole ingredients. Many teas on the market are artificially flavored and use low quality tea as merely a vehicle for flavoring. All Satori Teas are blended in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.”

If you already knew what you wanted as a career when you were seven years old, chances are it was something like a fireman or an astronaut. Likely not the tea business. But tea has been a lifelong dream for Victoria since that ripe young age… she just didn’t think it would happen until she was 80 and opening a cottage with teapots and doilies. Luckily, in 2009, Victoria managed to make an early attempt at her tea career… and it’s realized all of her dreams. “For me, tea is really just a story… one of passion and discovery. I began to realize I could use it as a venue to materialize all sorts of fantasies.” She’s been able to travel the world inspired by tea, making great relationships with gardeners and producers from all over. Sounds to us like we should have been childhood friends with Victoria -- she was onto a pretty awesome life plan. show more