Savvie Studio

Savvie Studio



Wood Salvager


Denton, Texas

about Savvie Studio

“I try to keep sustainability at the forefront of my mind. I love working with wood but I like to challenge myself to only work with reused, reclaimed or easily renewable resources.”

"Laser Girl" might sound a tad too superhero-esque at first, but one look at Savannah's sturdy laser-cut creations and it all starts to make sense. The artist crafts handmade accessories using reclaimed wood and a laser printer, thoroughly enjoying the challenge that sustainable creation brings. She gathers materials from garage sales as well as her own backyard, where fallen limbs often find a second life as a new keychain or cuff link. With that kind of commitment to eco-friendly design, maybe thinking of her as a superhero isn't all that far off after all. show more