Sea Grape Bath + Body

Sea Grape Bath + Body



Perfume Perfectionist


Portland, Oregon

about Sea Grape Bath + Body

“My studio is filled with herbs and botanicals. Sitting in a sunny space filled with jars of herbs fuels my desire to create beautifully healing body products.”

Maria's of the mind that there shouldn't be anything in your soap or perfume that you can't pronounce. And for the last five years, she's made that her mission — crafting delightful-smelling soaps and such, with nary a chemical in sight. Her scents are thoroughly tested, naturally-derived and, above all, memorable. A very visually-driven sort of person, Maria surrounds her studio with a sundry of herbs and botanicals to inspire creativity. And it's this dedication to creating a natural, awesome-smelling alternative to most perfumes, aftershaves and bath soaps on the market that stands out. show more