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Rochester, NY

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“Chickpea is both our dream job and dream product. It's so much work and stress, but also validation for all of our skills and aspirations.”

This uber-creative couple has some major cred in the kitchen: Cara and Bob decided to go whole-foods-only vegan overnight, which landed them kitchen, hungry and ready to DIY. They started the vegan food blog hipsterfood to document some of their discoveries, which eventually led to the stunning (stunning!) vegan quarterly Chickpea. That right there would be awesome enough—but it all happened to coincide with Cara’s interest in hand-lettering and design. They decided to combine the two in a way that solved their cooking problems: a place to quickly jot down recipes or quick reference on water-grain ratios, all in the form of beautiful, display-able kitchen art. That’s what we call plant-based problem solving. show more