Shotwell Candy Co.

Shotwell Candy Co.



Caramel confectioner


Memphis, Tennessee

about Shotwell Candy Co.

“The flavor and texture of our caramels are simply beautiful. Wonderfully soft with a very deep flavor profile, we also try to add a variation of texture in each of our caramel varieties so that the soft caramel is played against the crunch of salt or espresso beans or pretzels.”

Shotwell Candy Co. was born out of the memory of L. Shotwell George, the great grandfather of Jerrod. Grandpa Shot owned and operated a general goods store in Aliceville, KS. Jerrod’s mother and other family members vividly recall sneaking caramels and other classic candies from the store while Grandpa Shot, who had quite the sweet tooth himself, looked the other way. Jerrod decided pursue a confectionary career, adding twists that give a nod to local artisans and makers, like the expert bean roaster who provides the goods for the Hand-Crushed Espresso Caramels or the local craft brews that make their way into the Craft Beer & Pretzel Caramels. Better keep these caramels within clear view. show more

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