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“The way I make jewelry is completely different from trained wire wrapping methods. It is far more organic (90% is twisted by hand) and the end result is different every time, making each piece unique.”

They say that good things come to those who wait (or work hard, or eat their vegetables, or whatever), but Kim Ellefson of Simple Twist Jewelry is proof that sometimes, the best things just happen by accident. Curious as to what she could accomplish with the simplest of materials, Kim created her first piece of hand-twisted jewelry during her third year of jewelry class from a piece of silver wire that had been sitting in her drawer the entire semester. The result: a beautifully sculptural, twisted-metal ring that was an instant hit among friends (her closest friend’s husband even took one of Kim’s designs as inspiration when shopping for an engagement ring). Years later, after moving to Nashville, Kim began selling her line of uniquely twisted jewelry and hasn’t looked back since. show more

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