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Berkshire Hills, MA

about Six Depot Coffee

"It was said of Bob Dylan that all he did was 'play three chords and the truth.' No small task, but that's our guiding mission: keep it simple and make it true."

For these two co-owners, passion runs deep. Flavio's love of coffee began at 13 in the pool halls of Buenos Aires, his native city. These dark places, filled with men arguing about the latest soccer trade while drinking dark espressos, held a greater fascination for him than 7th grade algebra. They had Lisa at “Prendiamo un bel’ café” (let’s have a beautiful cup of coffee). Living in Italy and working at the RAI, Italy’s broadcasting station, coffee was ritual and survival. They were right. It was beautiful: Baristas hand-pulling espressos on gorgeous lever machines, clinking cups on a zinc bar and jostling customers making pronouncements on the ristretto or the crema. They joined forces years later in a natural partnership that includes hand-roasting the best green beans in small batches and sourcing natural teas and salts—grown responsibly by those who take pride in the work. They still travel to the source as much as possible—to Asia, Africa and the Americas—to keep that connection and passion going. show more