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Six Finger Studios



Reclaimer of wood


Bozeman, Montana

about Six Finger Studios

“Inspired by the rustic nature of reclaimed wood, I combine the raw and refined to create unique coat/key/wine racks for any home, individually handcrafted in the fresh mountain air of Bozeman, MT.”

After six years in the furniture business, Nick noticed the huge amount of waste created in the production and shipping process—and his wheels started turning on ways to utilize it. In 2008, he started making coat racks from shipping pallets and broken pieces of furniture that would’ve otherwise been chucked with the trash. He fell for the idea of refining the raw and turning into something that people could marvel at. The variety of the wood that he saves gives each piece lots of character and a distinct aesthetic. His secret motivational formula for fitting all those pieces together? A healthy mix of Vivaldi, gangster rap and energy drinks. Note taken. show more