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New York City

about Snoozer Loser

“One of our customers wore our silk blouse on a moter-bike adventure. It withheld ridiculous wind-pressure and she emailed us to thank us. Another time, I shipped one of our dresses to a hotel in Las Vegas. Our customers lead crazy and awesome lives!”

Never underestimate the power of a healthy sense of adventure, curiosity... or the contents of a dusty old warehouse. It was at a warehouse auction that Sonia came upon her first collection of discarded quarter holders. “I just thought it was a cool way to hold my laundry money, so I bought the whole box.” Eight years later, that pendant design is still her best seller. It’s just that, now, her Snoozer Loser collection has expanded to all reaches of accessories and apparel, and apparently the globe. Sonia has actually opened a satellite office in Upstate New York (for the nature inspiration) AND before that, Shanghai (to soak up all the influences in pattern and stories, of course.) So it’s no surprise that every season’s collection at Snoozer Loser is completely different than the last. Every season = a new adventure. show more