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Nashville, Tennessee

about Soberdough

“You add one beer to our mix, stir it, put it in the oven and bake it. Your result is bread you can brag about without the inconvenience.”

Here’s a recipe we can get behind: Add beer, stir, bake. This poetically simple set of directions grace each bag of Soberdough, a beer bread mix that is the brainchild of rad mother-son team Veronica and Jordan. Here’s how it went down: They met up for their weekly lunch and Jordan, a lover of fine craft beers, told his mom, a long-time baker and accomplished entrepreneur, about a local brewery tour he’d just been on. She was duly impressed with the amount of, well, craft that went into the process. He said, “You have wine and cheese. I have beer and bread.” That off-hand sentence made a little light flick on in his mom’s head. There was a family recipe for beer bread that could capitalize on both of their interests. After lots of testing and tasting and branding and (yes) boozing in a community kitchen, their scrumptious bread mixes hit the market. And many more people hit the gym (or so we guess). show more

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