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"I fell in love with French macarons in Paris, and knew instantly that I needed to make them. However, I wasn't interested in the chemicals, preservatives or coloring agents needed to make them –– so I began experimenting."

Limor claims that her sweet tooth knows no bounds. And, since, she's baked up dozens of flavors of small-batch macarons, each one of 'em based on her family members' favorite foods, we'd have to say that she's right. She had fallen in love with the little sandwich cookies in Paris, but the chemicals, preservatives and dyes? She didn't like that so much. So Limor set out to create flavors that didn't need those things –– flavors like Lemon Acai and Pistachio Raspberry. Intriguing flavor combinations, natural ingredients and a handmade touch make these macarons a force to be reckoned with. show more