Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality



Footies (get it? Instead of foodies!?) or Foot Care Fanatics


Indianapolis, IN

about Southern Hospitality

"Our feet are so important yet the most neglected part of our body. And the products on the shelves seem to reflect that way of thinking. That’s when we set out to change the face of footcare products."

Quinton was studying medicine when he began thinking about different ways to help his future patients. He began researching different foot cream formulas when his wife Krystle remarked, "Why do all of the foot products look so boring and medicinal?" So they decided to create their own, something a little more fun without all of the added harmful ingredients. What they came up with was a small-batch all-natural product created by a southern podiatrist, full of only the good stuff. The foot cream lead to other goodies like exfoliants, sugar scrubs, and cuticle salves, and thus Southern Hospitality was born. Y'all are gonna enjoy this. show more

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