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Spokane, Washington

"We have extremely high standards when it comes to ingredients and never put in any of that funky stuff. There's nothing more disappointing than reading a label and seeing artificial ingredients and preservatives.

While he was growing up, Pete loved to watch his Nana Bebe work her magic in the kitchen. And, when he was done growing up, those memories planted the seed that inspired him to seek out a culinary career. (A choice he's pretty smitten with, by the way.) During his 15 straight years of chef'n around Spokane, Pete developed a passion for creating unique blends of spices and rubs. Not to mention, his fan-base developed a bit of a passion for 'em too. He gives suggestions for using them––but is always excited to see what people come up with on their own. Raspberry Chipotle Brownies, anyone?

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