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Golden, Colorado

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“Obviously our formulas and recipes are unique, but we also focus on sustainability. Our operation is supported by a 3.3 kWH solar system, we use locally sourced/fair trade ingredients whenever possible, and recycled packaging on all of our products. Our effort to live a sustainable, natural life for ourselves has flowed into our business operation.”

The year was 1993. The offender: a newspaper article. Kelly was appalled when reading about all the nasty chemicals, like Triclosan, that are used in commercially-produced cosmetics. It put her on a path to making her own all-natural soaps that, two decades later, she’s still proud to promote. More and more friends and family started requesting new “flavors” and her “soap studio” started filling up. Rapidly. In a plea to avoid being buried alive by natural skincare products, Kelly’s husband Craig suggested she start selling her products to a broader audience. Thus, Spinster Sisters was born, furthering the mission to spread the word that harsh, drying, chemical-laden, mass-produced commercial soaps are, in a few words, the evil cleanser. show more

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