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"The containers are made by hand, the scents are mixed by hand, the candles are poured by hand, all little touches like assembling packaging and applying labels are done by hand –– our hands are all over these candles."

When Andrew brought some plants inside ceramic containers he'd made himself to the office, his coworker Samantha said she thought they'd look amazing with candles in 'em. And to her surprise, Andrew replied, "Well, then learn how to make candles." So she did. In classic mad scientist style, Samantha went from knowing absolutely nothing about candles, to being downright obsessed. And now, her hand-mixed soy candles find their merry way into ceramic log containers, which Andrew forms by hand. They're rustic, entirely handmade, and best of all? There's nary an "Ocean Breeze" scent in sight. show more

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