Station Supply Co.

Station Supply Co.



Product Designer


Miracle Mile, LA

about Station Supply Co.

“My interest in transforming discarded materials into everyday goods stems from previously working at my friend's company where he designed high-end bags out of salvaged military tents. I combined this newfound passion with my love for accessories, and came up with the current offerings at Station Supply Co.”

More than just military-inspired, Station Supply Co. designs flasks using the real stuff––that means actual PanAm life rafts and recycled fire hoses. Joel takes these salvaged supplies, and repurposes 'em into durable, one-of-a-kind accessories. This process includes a lot of collaboration, conversation and prototypes (which, we hear, aren't unlike something a kid would make at camp) before he reaches the final, finished product. At the end of it all, he's left with truly unique flask that has a little piece of history built right in. And by history, we mean fire hose. Of course. show more

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