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Steamboat Springs, CO

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“Our products are authentic and playful. With being located in a ski town we wanted to create a product line that not only appealed to the local community but to others as well.”

Stel House & Home is the kind of home boutique where you’d want to curl up and stay a long, long while. Located in the breath-taking mountain/ski community of Steamboat Springs, they offer hand-selected mountain décor alongside their own line of plush pillows that just beg for a rustic-modern cabin to call home. Each pillow is designed in house, printed at a local print shop and then sewn by a local seamstress—making it a true small-town product. The goal is to be authentic to their burly, rustic, outdoorsy roots—while comfying up a couch at the same time. Don’t mind if we do take a little nap right about there. show more

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