Stephanie Podasca

Stephanie Podasca



Inspired Indigo-er


Sunnyvale, California

about Stephanie Podasca

"You don't need to have the fanciest couch, but if you have some great pillows they can make a world of a difference in any interior."

Stephanie isn't ashamed to admit it: she's fascinated with the process of indigo dyeing — she loves learning about all sorts of resist-dyeing, in fact. But it's also incredibly important for her to be formulating her own methods and aesthetics. She preps her pillows and scarves the night before, carefully stitching, folding and tying them just so. The next morning is spent in the backyard as she carefully dyes her pieces finishing 'em up on the cutting table. Her favorite part of the whole process? Hearing people relate her abstract shapes to real life objects. (Is it sunflowers? clouds? Or beetle wings?) show more

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