Glass Re-Makers
Ballard, Seattle

“We are able to transform a ubiquitous symbol of waste, a discarded bottle, into a one-of-a-kind object that is a pleasure to use. We like to think of them as tableware for the eco-conscious and design savvy alike.”

Not many trained glassmakers work with reclaimed materials, but Armelle and Sean never did play by the rules anyway. They blow perfectly symmetrical bottles, heating glass up to the excess of 2000 degrees, and then (awesome!) in an instant dent them to give them a much more appealing asymmetry. The unique indentions invite the user to find their own little spot to hold the glass. As people who love to bring functional pieces of art into people’s lives, they dig that each person is forming their own relationship with their glassware. (Don’t worry, it’s OK to have a love affair with these cups.)

sean's goods