Susanna Davy

Susanna Davy





Berkeley, CA

about Susanna Davy

“I suppose I have an unnatural affinity for drawing thousands upon thousands of tiny little lines. I like being able to do things that most people lack the patience to accomplish.”

Here’s some serendipity for you: When Susanna was attending art school she was trying out different mediums, “kissing many artistic frogs” as she puts it. She tried to sign up for a drawing class but, due to a computer error, she ended up getting into letterpress instead. It was the perfect craft: a combination of art, design and illustration. And it turns out that she her unnatural affinity for drawing thousands of tiny lines worked in her favor, too. Now she’s creating detailed alphabet illustrations of things the hip young kids like (ya know, “K” is for kombucha, “V” is for vinyl, and so on), which she turns into photopolymer plates and letterpress prints with her own two hands. show more

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