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Milwaukee, WI

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"We love how visceral working with leather is –– it's all sharp knives, metal stamps and rawhide mallets. And while that rough process is always apparent in the leather, we're careful and intentional about achieving refined results."

When Sarah and Anna first met, way back when in 2008, it was friendship at first sight. They had lots in common –– an appreciation for rustic aesthetics and a good sense of humor, for starters. And when they started making products together soon thereafter, those qualities found their way into their leatherworking and design. Their aim? To make pieces that are long-lasting, beautiful to look at, and satisfying to hold. Tactile, even. Anna has a knack for patterning, Sarah has an eye for layout, and together they create each and every one of their leather-bedecked, tailored holdable pieces. show more

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