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Boise, Idaho

about Tarnished & True

“All I've ever wanted to be was an artist, but I always thought that I was meant to be a painter. When I happened upon a beginning metalsmithing course in college, however, I fell in love with metal and jewelry and I started hoarding tools immediately.”

It's true that most people don’t end up doing exactly what their younger selves thought they would. Annie’s path, however, didn’t veer too far from what she imagined – it was more of a change in medium. An aspiring painter-turned-jeweler, Annie has taken her company Tarnished & True and developed quite the stellar reputation. This is in thanks to her fearless approach to the medium: There is no tool she won’t use or material she won’t try. Her curiosity is never truly quenched, and this results in designs that are fresh and playful. show more