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Thatch & Hoek



Hunters And Gatherers


Capitol Hill, Seattle

about Thatch & Hoek

“We try to design products that use salvaged objects in a way that is subtle and clever rather than overt. We like to think our products are first and foremost clean, minimal and modern.”

Most people visit the salvage store and see a bunch of junk. But not Margaret and Anton. As trained architects, the duo views 'em as secluded havens for treasure, just waiting to be discovered. They constantly scour the town for eye-catching items that could use a new home (and a good cleaning). And then, before you know it, salvaged wood from an old staircase teams up with mismatched drawer pulls to create a sturdy coat rack. But don’t mistake their wares for some garage sale hodge-podge. The pieces may be sourced from old homes, but the finished products settle for nothing less than modern. show more

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