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The Chocolate Lab

Chocolate Scientist
Savannah, GA

"All the ingredients are sourced locally, organic or fair-trade. And every bar is made completely by hand from start to finish –– from cutting and dipping the bars, to wrapping and packaging. When I say handcrafted, I mean it!"

Instead of limiting herself to local, organic or fair-trade, Kelly uses all of 'em to create sumptuous chocolate bars. Her experimentations began with her first gig as a pastry chef, and grew and grew until she had to start her own business. And with bars that have been described as obscene (in a good way) and buhlicious (in a mouth-full-of-chocolate way), we're not surprised. Kelly uses Georgian-made ingredients whenever possible. And when it isn't? Why, she'll only settle for the finest of organic and fair-trade goods. We don't want to give anything away, but it pays off. Deliciously.

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