The Fan Club

The Fan Club



Purveyors of Wind-Makers


Portland, OR

about The Fan Club

“We love salvage and modern design. Old technologies getting new lives revs us creatively. Our inspiration comes from a mix of Dwell magazine and antique malls.”

There’s a lot to be said for modern technology and new advents like, say, air conditioning. But, in our opinion, there’s a lot more to be said for the gorgeous aesthetics of vintage wind-makers. And for that reason, Elizabeth and Kamissa are our kind of people. Tinkerers. Nostalgists. Fan Fixer-Uppers? “We’ve been super inspired by other artists and craftspeople giving new life to old technologies. A few years after fixing up our first fan (a 1920s industrial desk fan), we finally turned our hobby into a business.” And their business just happens to be where they eat, sleep, breathe and pet their dog. At home. Each fan speaks for itself and the duo takes painstaking measures to make sure each is cleaned, shined up and, most importantly, as functional as the day it was made. Then and only then do they commence the celebration: walking over to the home fridge and grabbing a couple of beers. show more

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