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Tampa, FL

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“There’s a simplicity and ‘magical’ chemistry to the whole process that amazes me and keeps my passion fresh. It’s incredible that four or five core ingredients combined with the imagination of a homebrewer can produce a near endless variety of beer.”

Imagine a childhood spent among homebrewers: being shooed off to bed while your dad and uncle stay up late, bottles clinking, the sweet smell of cooking grain wafting into your bedroom. That is what instilled a lifelong passion for homebrewing in Norse, who is still awed by the simplicity and magic of whipping up a batch of beer. In college, he attempted to brew in a little studio apartment—quickly realizing the drawbacks of brewing the standard five gallons, like the huge pots, bulky fermenters and volume of ingredients. His one-gallon kit solves all these issues, while being a “gateway” for first-timers and small-batch experimenters alike. show more