The Invisible Kitten

The Invisible Kitten



Watercolor Illustrator


New York, New York

about The Invisible Kitten

“I'm always carrying a notebook for writing the rogue thoughts that stumble into my mind. I try to plan my designs but my best work is often the result of a happy accident.”

As a longtime fan of the lost art of snail mail, Megan began creating handmade cards as a way to send surprise smiles to friends both near and far. She uses watercolors to create swirls of color, enjoying the medium's ability to give each card its own unique pattern. Along with the vivid designs, her cards feature uplifting messages – with strokes of literary genius often coming to her out of nowhere. Only the best ideas get printed, though, with Megan strictly limiting which designs actually make it onto paper. This way only the most smile-worthy of creations make it to the finish line. show more

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