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Whimsical Stitcher
Seattle, WA

“I grew to learn that I was sorely mistaken about the simplicity of embroidery but I continue to be intrigued by all the amazing creations you can make literally stand off the wall by using a needle and thread.”

In Theresa’s family growing up, either you had control of the remote—or you had a yarn and a needle in your hand. Growing up in such a craft-inclined family, naturally she wanted to up the game, put her own spin on the craft of embroidery. Her pieces are made with a lot of what they call “stump work.” That’s just the street term (yes, there IS embroidery street slang) for embroidery that rises from the fabric in some way. See, she’s trying to make her pieces jump out to you in some surprising way, give ’em an element of “oh, hey, lookie here.”

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