The Quiet Woods

The Quiet Woods



Silver Sculptor


Round Lake, New York

about The Quiet Woods

“My jewelry is modern and delicate, worn close and cherished. Each component is touched by my hand –– cut, shaped, filed, hammered, buffed –– and as such, no two pieces are ever identical.”

When Kim decided to trade in city life for a quieter one upstate, her surroundings weren’t the only thing that switched. Her art followed suit, as she swapped an interior designing career for one designing jewelry. With her mom (and partner) at her side, Kim gathers inspiration from architecture and places from her past to create delicate pieces of wearable art. But don’t think this metamorphosis hasn’t had its bumps along the way. After all, making the switch to crafting small piece of jewelry has its downsides –– namely losing silver pieces between the cracks in the studio floor. show more