The Rusted Nail

The Rusted Nail



Reclaimed Carpenter


Calhoun, GA

about The Rusted Nail

"With reclaimed wood you have to accept the blemishes and flaws, and either find a way to work around them or use them to emphasize the character of the piece."

Jeff approaches reclaimed wood carpentry with an architecture's eye. That is to say, he was trained as an architect. But a couple of years after school, when he was teaching in Georgia, Jeff noticed a bunch of old barns that had fallen into disrepair (architect's eye, remember). So he bought a couple trailers full of wood and started building. Soon enough, Jeff's flair for working with reclaimed wood in a way that accentuates its character had customers calling –– custom orders, regular orders, you name it. But Jeff? He's just happy that his little side project has turned into a full-time gig. show more