The Social Dept

The Social Dept



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Akron, OH

about The Social Dept

"We wanted to develop a series of shirts that was based around local pride, good typography, geographical lessons, and some good ol' fashioned humor. We like that folks wear our shirts as prideful symbols of where they come from."

A team of designers, illustrators and concept builders, The Social Dept. is a coalition of born-and-raised midwesterners spreading local pride with their original (and often, hilarious) tees. The designs are a results of, erm, "heavy conceptual meetings." We hear that quality beer is usually involved. Every design is an original which is then handprinted and prepped (without a press!) before being shipped around the country. Customers love that the tees feature inside references that only people from a certain place will understand. We like to consider it a geography lesson, on a shirt. show more