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Vintage MacGyver


Oakland, CA

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“Authentic parts are sometimes hard to come by, but that brings me to the interesting part of my work—the search! I am an excellent finder of things and MacGyverer of parts.”

When most people buy something at a weekend yard sale and don’t quite know what to do with it, it ends up… in another garage sale. But when Adjowah finds an old typewriter, she gingerly takes it apart, dreaming up a line of jewelry—and inspiring a career as a vintage jewelry MacGyver (seriously, she can make some vintage parts work together). These aren’t just pretty adornments, they’re thoughtful pieces of history. (In fact, on principle, Adjowah will only use non-functioning typewriters because of their dwindling numbers.) Expanding on the idea, she started deconstructing old watches, lockets and other vintage ephemera. show more