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Three Little Figs

Jam alchemist
Portland, OR

“We love the connection we have with where our food comes from and believe that amazing food is an affordable luxury.”

Being an avid entertainer (read: someone you want to befriend), Liz noticed that there was a gap in the market for accompaniments for cheese boards and charcuterie. Conjuring her own food experiences, like the spicy tomato jam she had in Spain or a drink she loved in Bario Chino, she set about reviving the age old art of preserving, adding exciting new flavor profiles. Each jar is lovingly attended to in a traditional copper pot that yields no more than 15 jars per batch, resulting in a truly artisanal product that has oft been referred to as “crack jam.” And, being from Portland, naturally she’s sourced all the ingredients from local farmers who are interested in doing things the right way.

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