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“This line of work is fun because we get to build and create at will. Building things never gets old. Especially when you’re building a better beer drinking experience.”

When it comes to drinking, storing, pouring beer… you’d think after so much time, we’d have figured it all out long ago. (With the exception, of course, of cans that turn colors when they’re cold. That right there was pure genius, right?) However, after working at a beer garden, Nick noticed that while growler jugs were great, the storing and transporting of the beer jugs were just… awkward. It was then that Tyler and Nick saw a gap in the craft beer market. They embarked on building clever yet classically designed ways to carry, hold, display and stand that favorite growler of yours. It’s inventions like these that make us think we didn’t even know it was missing in our lives… until, of course, we tried it out. Now, we can’t imagine carrying our massive glug-jugs any other way. Cheers to beer-innovation! show more

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