Micro Outfitters
Kansas City

“We live in the Midwest, and I think we bring that fun and friendly aspect to all our designs. We also try to keep them simple and lighthearted like a kid should be.”

It was baby pandemonium that caused Brandon and Tabitha to try making (along with a few other random creations on Etsy) some “super fun” baby clothes for their own impending offspring along with those of some friends. The more popular these little darling screenprinted pieces got, the less they made of the other “random” stuff and the more the ideas for onesies were coming. Scarves were another creation that got a good amount of traction and--as such things tend to go--the matching onesies with baby-sized scarves were born. Moms were getting in on the action too with adult-sized scarves to match their little ones’ ensembles. Baby pandemonium + matching mom-and-baby statements = a whole new level of “awww” inducing cuteness we can’t really fathom. Until seeing it now, of course.

brandon and tabitha's goods