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“We like to manufacture locally and ourselves because even though it’s more expensive, you get higher quality and quicker turn around. If there’s a problem with anything you aren’t doing yourself, you can go down the street and chat with the people working with you.”

When Carter was just a kid on the block, he made a (barely) working hovercraft with an old door, trash bags and a leaf blower. That was after he put together a working air engine from a Lego kit, for the record. So, it isn’t so far-fetched that he would create a revolutionary bottle opener at a ripe young age, while pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. See, Carter believes carry goods and tools, the things you touch every day, should be handcore, solid, long lasting. And he’s setting out to make some really good ones that are locally manufactured, smartly designed and crafted with the finest materials. Step one was a slim little opener that creates a pressure point in the center of the cap, flaring out the edges easily. Now for that hover craft… show more

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