Two Guys Bow Ties Co.

Two Guys Bow Ties Co.



Tie Tradesmen


Tulsa, OK

about Two Guys Bow Ties Co.

"We hand-saw, hand-sand and hand-assemble each bow tie and lapel so you know that actual eyes are deciding whether or not the piece meets our standards."

Tim was working on some furniture designs in his shop late one night when he had the idea to take some of the scraps of naturally beautiful wood he'd been working with, and use them as an accessory of some sort. First, bow ties, then lapel flowers. He approached his friend Adam with the idea, and with his small business know-how and appreciation for all things hand-crafted, a partnership was formed. The duo cuts out the bow ties from boards of wood, sawing, sealing and laser-engraving them before finishing 'em off with the finest of fabrics. And you thought a bow tie couldn't get any classier. show more