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Two Tumbleweeds



Mealtime Funmakers


Tempe, Arizona

about Two Tumbleweeds

"We think about every little element of what we make, with no detail left unconsidered. It's not enough to have a great idea; we also want everything that we create to be beautiful and thoughtful."

Figuring out what's for dinner isn't always the most cheerful of pastimes. Which is why Liz and Sarah put their heads together to create Foodie Dice –– a collection of beautifully designed dice that tells you what's for dinner with just a simple roll. Big fans of the details, the duo laser-engraves designs onto domestic wood dice, which are then stored in tumblers made from upcycled wine bottles. At first, Liz and Sarah were unsure how people would react, but soon found that, "when you solve an everyday problem in a simple and unique way, people get really excited about it." Us included. show more

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