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"I like for things to be simple and make sense. I put thought into that from recipe creation to packaging — I don't want anyone to end up with a bunch of trash, so everything is reusable, recyclable or compostable."

When Claudia moved to Portland from San Diego, she was on a quest. A mission to seek out a life of quality instead of quantity, and that included making food from scratch. And one day, while she was scouting out sauerkraut recipes, she stumbled across some old cheesemaking recipes. Curious, she decided to try them out. And the rest? Well, it's history. And by history, we mean delightful, easy-to-follow DIY kits for making your own cheese at home. With the addition of milk, some pots and an hour, you can make your own chevre, mozzarella or paneer. A good skill to have, we think. show more