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Norcross, Georgia

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“Growing up on the Gold Coast, I often visited the region's ginger factories and farms. When I moved to Savannah it reminded me of my childhood, prompting me to build an organic farm for ginger and other sub-tropical plants.”

Growing up on the gold coast, Ross walked past ginger farms quite often. And he found that a move halfway across the world to Georgia didn't change the scenery all that much — the agricultural landscape was familiar. Now he's working his own plot of land in the south, growing organic ginger to create a range of healthy, small batch foodstuffs. His gourmet items include sweet and spicy ginger syrup as well as crunchy gingersnap cookies and crystallized ginger (with a kick). And even though it takes a whole year for ginger to fully mature, Ross' wares prove that it's well worth the wait. show more