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stencilers extraordinaire


Orange, CA

about Voz Collective

"Our wooden accessories are all stained, stenciled, painted and glossed by hand, and with heart."

Whether or not you actually mastered walking like an Egyptian, it's hard to not be a fan of bangles. And when they come artfully stenciled with brightly-colored, geometric patterns? Disliking the wooden creations (or the female pop sensations, for that matter) becomes nigh impossible. With day jobs that could stand to be a little more, er, creative, Lauren and Jackie were in need of a new, no-rules outlet, stat. So they began exploring the juxtaposition of synthetic and organic: bright, bold colors laid over dark, natural wood; creating cheerful, whimsical jewelry worth swooning over. Yes, it's safe to say that it was a perfect match. Heck, we bet even Cleopatra would approve. show more

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