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Minneapolis, MN

about WAAM Industries

“Coming from different artistic backgrounds, we combined our skillsets, started taking ideas that were sitting around in our sketchbooks and brought them to life.”

What if you could make all of the (genius, no doubt) ideas in your sketchbook appear out of thin air—elephants would be zooming by on roller skates and a coffee/beer/ice cream machine would be cranking around the clock, right? Well, without rubbing any magic lamps whatsoever—instead using a whole lot of artistic drive and design smarts—Andrew and Hanna made some of their most awesome sketchbook ideas come to life. A conch shell turned into an iPhone speaker? Done. A plastic milk crate revisited in wood? Yep. A brown lunch sack that can be used for a lifetime? Did it. All of their minimal, clever designs are worthy of a double take, since they offer a little spin on the original use or purpose. And, not surprisingly, “double take” is their most common response at shows. No magic required. show more