What We Make

What We Make



Reclaimed Makers Guild


Algonquin, Illinois

about What We Make

“We started making handmade furniture because most reclaimed furniture was lacking quality craftsmanship. Our goal was to make furniture that is eco-friendly, finely crafted and beautiful—and we’ve done just that.”

George and Dan saw a hole in the market for finely crafted, eco-friendly reclaimed wood furniture. So, like good woodworkers, they went ahead and filled it, bringing a new level of craftsmanship to the game. For them, that game is gathering up scrap metal from scrapyards, wood from dismantled Midwestern barns and other beautiful materials with a past life and a good story. They examine each piece to see how it can fit into the puzzle of their finished work. Oh, and each final creation is finished in low- or no-VOC materials to keep the air in your abode so fresh and so clean. show more