Wolf's Apothecary

Wolf's Apothecary



Turn-of-the-Century Herbalist


Portland, Oregon

about Wolf's Apothecary

“I knew I had a winner for the men in Garcon No. 38 when my husband, who doesn’t use many products, smell-tested a sample and, even though he had a look on his face ready to make fun of it, ended up doing a sniff double-take saying with a surprise, ‘I would wear that!’ That was my ‘Eureka!’”

From the burly woodsman to the dapper city dandy, Jewelie has focused her Wolf's Apothecary line on manly set. Her trick is using the aesthetic of old-world apothecaries and hand-crafted ingredients that would be found at the turn of the century, the result of which not only looks acceptable on the counter of even the most manly of men folk, but also smells like something they’d (begrudgingly) swoon over too. And with a background as an herbalist, her ingredients are ones that not only look and smell manly, but also have natural healing powers unlike any beauty--er, sorry--MASCULINE product out there. show more