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Wonder Thunder



textile artist


Rockvale, TN

about Wonder Thunder

"I heard from a few people that it was a good way to strike up conversation at the grocery store or farmer's market. One minute you're bagging your vegetables and the next you're chatting with the cute girl running the radish stand."

Meagan may not know who's responsible for deciding that foodstuffs have to look boring, but she's fighting the good (food) fight with her adorable tea towels and reusable bags. Featuring her oh-so-distinctive drawing style, these edibles are cranky, dorky and just might have buck teeth. Meagan is putting her screen-printing and sewing skills to use with her designs, which she hopes will help decrease plastic bag waste. Who knows, they might even bring a little cheerfulness into your everyday activities. It has been too long since you dried your hands on an art print, after all. show more

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