’mallow makers


Sanford, Florida

about Wondermade

“We use the best ingredients and processes we can find so that every marshmallow is a gift of the highest order: we use cane sugar instead of corn syrup, our bourbon marshmallows feature Maker's Mark, and we hand-steep lavender for our lavender marshmallows. It’s just a better experience overall.”

If eating marshmallows is pretty much happiness embodied in an edible form, than Nathan and his wife Jenn have found themselves with the happiest gig on the planet: making (and eating) gorgeous marshmallow goodness on a daily basis. They started with a curious Christmas gift that Nathan had given Jenn: a candy thermometer and a basic ’mallow recipe. The experiment quickly escalated into a ’mallow-making obsession. They began trying new shapes and flavors—lavenders and bourbons—and fielding orders from a growing network of fans in Orlando. Really, they had no choice but to make marshmallows a full-time job of happiness, they do everything from the cooking to carefully packaging to the shipping... and we can only assume plenty of quality control taste testing along the way. show more