Yana Rodin

Yana Rodin



Necklace Knitter


montclair, New Jersey

about Yana Rodin

“My favorite part of the process is searching for yarn –– natural, artisanal, hand-dyed and hand-painted yarn. It is the special ingredient for my pieces and its journey is knitted into each of my necklaces.”

When it comes to the whimsical handcrafted jewelry made by Yana, it's best to expect the unexpected. As the sole designer of Yana Rodin, she enjoys combining materials such as hand-dyed yarn (knit by hand, of course) with leather trim to create one-of-a-kind necklaces that make a statement. Yana hand-knits each one sans needle (see? by hand), viewing every colorful spool as paint on a palette. The result is a necklace that displays a playful mix of both texture and color. All it takes is a sunny afternoon wearing her comfy adornments and you'll readily abandon those metal necklaces of yore. show more

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